Enjoy design

Dutch designer Hella Jongerius showcases her talent in our revamped Business Class, focusing on warm, fresh colours and materials with a human touch. All to make you feel comfortable.

Simplify, Soften and Enrich

Famous Dutch designer Hella Jongerius designed the cabin interior. Together with KLM specialists, she focused on the comfort of each passenger to create individual spaces and a warmer, more friendly atmosphere on board.

The making of

Designing a business class is about creating privacy and individuality. Our primary objective was to offer passengers the greatest possible comfort. Watch the video to find out how we achieved this.

Design philosophy

Simplify, soften and enrich. These are the guiding principles of a Dutch design icon. Hella Jongerius explains, "Feeling comfortable is not the same as experiencing comfort. The understanding that it's all about the emotional state of a passenger lets you cover a much bigger world than just designing soft seats. My aim was to convert the business class into a feel-at-home class."

Carpet: cradle-to-cradle

The carpet beneath your feet is not just any carpet. Our carpets are sustainable creations based on high-quality recycled materials, including old KLM stewardess uniforms. The old uniforms are used to spin new yarn, which is incorporated into the blue details of the carpets. We also use Norwegian sheep wool that would otherwise be discarded.

Comfort bag

Your own comfort bag awaits on board. Dutch designer Jan Taminiau designed the comfort bags exclusively for KLM World Business Class, with both male and female editions. Taminiau designed a total of 6 unique comfort bags in 12 different colours.